The Elikia Hope Foundation

Her Royal Majesty Queen Diambi is the founder and Chair of the Elikia Hope Foundation, New York, USA.  
This organization raises funds to build water wells to provide clean drinking water to thousands of people in Kasaï, Congo.
Other relevant projects are to build, schools, clinics, and purchase motorcycles to improve mobility in the villages.
Queen Diambi also helps provide access to medical services for children born with congenital malformations in Kinshasa, Congo. .
The Elikia Hope Foundation is partnered with OSEPER, that is an organization that owns and operates 7 orphanages in Kinshasa.
Her Majesty Queen Diambi and the Elikia Hope Foundation would like you to support their humanitarian efforts.

Ongoing projects 

Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi

About the Elikia Hope Foundation